Sticky Buddy Reviews

All you need to know about the As Seen On TV Sticky Buddy lint roller!

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Sticky Buddy on KTLA NEWS LA


As Seen On TV pitchman Anthony “Sully” Sullivan did a segment on KTLA Morning News, Los Angeles.  He demonstrated some of the next big As Seen On TV products and showed how they work.  Sully tested out the Sticky Buddy lint roller, and used its patented little rubber fingers to clean out a dirty, hairy carpet!  Watch the whole segment on the KTLA website.

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CBS 12 News “Does It Work?” Sticky Buddy Edition

KWCH CBS 12 News reviewed the As Seen On TV Sticky Buddy lint roller in their “Does It Work?” segment.  The testers were impressed by the Sticky Buddy’s level of coverage, and the amount of money you’d save on buying ordinary lint roller sheets.  Watch the whole review on the KWCH website, or go check out how you can get your own Sticky Buddy lint remover here!

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WVEC ABC 13 Sticky Buddy Test

WVEC ABC 13 tested the Sticky Buddy lint roller in a Does It Work? segment.  The tester who used the Sticky Buddy on shedding cat hair on her clothes and in her carpet, was very impressed at how well it worked.  She loved the little rubber fingers on the carpet, and says that she plans to buy a Sticky Buddy for herself! Watch the whole segment on the ABC 13 website.