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All you need to know about the As Seen On TV Sticky Buddy lint roller!

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Sticky Buddy Marketer Receives Honor

TeleBrands Corp, the company that brings you the Sticky Buddy lint roller, is the creator of the As Seen On TV logo.  The company has marketed more products through direct response television than any other company.  Telebrands’ CEO and founder, AJ Khubani is a big supporter of inventors around the country, and employs “Inventor’s Days’ where men and women can bring their inventions to potentially become the next “As Seen On TV” hit product.  Because of AJ and Telebrands’ continued support, the United Inventors Association has honored AJ with a special award.  Read more about this Telebrands honor in the article on Paramus Post Online.

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Sticky Buddy on KTLA NEWS LA


As Seen On TV pitchman Anthony “Sully” Sullivan did a segment on KTLA Morning News, Los Angeles.  He demonstrated some of the next big As Seen On TV products and showed how they work.  Sully tested out the Sticky Buddy lint roller, and used its patented little rubber fingers to clean out a dirty, hairy carpet!  Watch the whole segment on the KTLA website.

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CBS 12 News “Does It Work?” Sticky Buddy Edition

KWCH CBS 12 News reviewed the As Seen On TV Sticky Buddy lint roller in their “Does It Work?” segment.  The testers were impressed by the Sticky Buddy’s level of coverage, and the amount of money you’d save on buying ordinary lint roller sheets.  Watch the whole review on the KWCH website, or go check out how you can get your own Sticky Buddy lint remover here!

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Sticky Buddy Lint Roller For Pet Hair

During summer months, your pet’s shedding hair can seem out of control. has listed some great everyday tips for minimizing shedding pet hair around your house.

1. Be sure to brush your dog daily

2. Make an appointment at the groomers

3. If shedding hair is worse than usual, make a trip to the vet to discuss diet, nutrition and other causes

They also talk about one of the “well kept secrets” of everyday hair control – a lint roller!  The lint roller works not only on your home furniture and clothes, but directly on your animal as well.  This does not hurt your cat or dog, but just allows more hair to be removed after brushing.

The Sticky Buddy lint roller is the reusable roller that washes off and stays sticky for life!  It has little rubber fingers that act as a perfect pet lint brush and roller.  It will help minimize pet shedding and save you money! Order a Sticky Buddy for your home today!

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WVEC ABC 13 Sticky Buddy Test

WVEC ABC 13 tested the Sticky Buddy lint roller in a Does It Work? segment.  The tester who used the Sticky Buddy on shedding cat hair on her clothes and in her carpet, was very impressed at how well it worked.  She loved the little rubber fingers on the carpet, and says that she plans to buy a Sticky Buddy for herself! Watch the whole segment on the ABC 13 website.

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ABC 4 News Salt Lake City Sticky Buddy Review

ABC 4 Salt Lake City tested the Sticky Buddy in a “Does It Work?” segment. They tested it with a normal lint roller and a magic lint brush.  They cleaned a pair of pants with all three products, and the Sticky Buddy cleaned the pants thoroughly, and in shorter time than the others.  After washing it, the Sticky Buddy stayed super sticky, and picked up lint, cookie crumbs and coins.  Read the whole review on the ABC 4 website.

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WNEP 16 News – Sticky Buddy Really Does Work!

WNEP 16 News Pennsylvania put the Sticky Buddy reusable lint roller to the test with the”Does It Really Work?” segment.   They took the Sticky Buddy to PetSmart and had the store manager test the claims.  The manager used the Sticky Buddy on everything from cats, to dogs, pet cages and even the grooming room.  The tester gave the Sticky Buddy 2 thumbs up after it passed every test with flying colors! Check out the whole segment on the WNEP website.  To learn how to get your own Sticky Buddy, go the the Official Site at